+ Why live video tutorials instead of a course?

Courses are great, but I realized quickly it wasn’t for me. I’m too much of a hands-on person when learning, and having a place with so much information at once is pretty intimidating. Confession… I’ve taken like 4 or 5 courses and only finished one. When I hosted a Facebook Live within my free Facebook group, I noticed that 80% of the group watched that video within the first few days it was published. A lightbulb turned on, and I realized that people were drawn to the urgency of a Facebook Live. They were able to ask questions WHILE I was filming the tutorial. Have you ever taken a course or watched a video and you just wanted to ask a question? There have been times where I wanted to ask the instructor to explain a step further, but recordings can’t answer you! You’ll be able to IN REAL TIME ask me what the steps are, tell me to slow down, and ask me to explain in more detail.

+ What exactly are you teaching?

In the wise words of Avril Lavigne, “can I make it more obvious?” You will learn how to gain confidence in your business. Those scared gifs will be a thing of the past! You’ll gain friends and a community. Have a new launch coming out and need people to pop the bubbly with you and share the good news? Yeah, you found the right group! You’ll learn about pricing and profitability. Worried about not charging enough? Yeah, we will be talking ALL about that! We will have so many discussion, including digitizing your work, design layout, client experience, client expectations, client management systems, and so much more. There will also be more fun videos regarding design hacks you may not know about and lessons on styling and photography!

+ Wait, how is this different from the free group?

As much as I hate to say it… I can’t keep up with the free group. I can’t give my full self to it. There’s no way I can juggle my own client work and host Facebook Lives and give you the attention and items you need. With that being said, the only way I can provide you with the best content I can give you—plus one-on-one time—is if I treat you like my consultation clients. You’ll have access to video chats, guides, templates, special offers from industry leaders, and be around those who are at similar stages in your business. Right now, the group has more people who are less serious than those who are serious. I want the discussions to always make you a better person and entrepreneur.

+ For the Facebook Lives, will they be recorded?

Yes, they will. They will be housed in the Facebook group and the resource vault. Even though they will be recorded, I still encourage you to watch them Live.

+ I’ve taken courses before, but the content never updates. Will this program be similar?

Not at all. Because I will be active EVERY week, there will be new content all of the time. Technology changes everyday, and we will be able to adapt to it. This is a LIVE program where we will be learning as Adobe, Instagram, Facebook, and more update throughout the years. You won’t be stuck with the same information that will be useless by 2019!

+ How long is enrollment?

Enrollment ends Wednesday, March 14th, 2018. However, you’ll want to get in the group ASAP so you can take advantage of this deal and be available to watch the Facebook Lives and ask questions! I will not open up enrollment until possibly fall, just letting you know beforehand.

+ I’m just a beginner/side hustler. Is this for me?

Of course! We are going to go over the basics the first month, such as goals, pricing, and profitability.. We need to have the foundation, so we can build upon that. It’ll be a refresher for those who are past that stage and a learning opportunity for beginners. This program is for ALL levels who are interested in growing their business. Whether you want to continue working part-time on this passion of yours or go full-time, you still need to learn how to design, set up for printing, price (so that you aren’t HURTING the industry), and be a part of a like-minded community.

+ Sarah, the price is a bit steep for me. Convince me.

You came to this page for a reason. Deep down, I know you know this is something special. You’re right on the edge of of pressing “Join.” I don’t blame you! I’ve put so many things in my cart and realized I could do without them. Think about this: Could you do without a $1500-2500 invitation job? Are you confident in sending clients proposals? Are you able to put away the work to spend time with friends and family? Do you have a support system that REALLY knows what you’re going through (like the heart breaking time your potential client ghosted you)? Have you noticed that you’re working harder, not smarter? Are you getting those ideal clients? So… if any of that resonated with you, it’s time to jump onboard. You can’t risk not taking this. Think of the money you could be gaining in the next year after you learn to implement everything? Now, I can’t guarantee this, but I have a feeling you’d be able to pay this off within the next year. You may not be able to offer designing invitations to your clients, but you will if you join the program. I will teach you it step-by-step! If you’re ready to build a sustainable business that helps support you and your family and gain the ability to actually spend time with them, I’ll be waiting in the Master Group with open arms.