You’re planning your wedding, tasted the food, paid for the venue, gotten the perfect outfit, and you don’t want to deal with addressing envelopes. It’s tedious, and you could be going to the spa right now. Wanna know a secret? I LOVE addressing envelopes. It’s therapeutic for me. Give me the task of addressing 100+ envelopes, and go do something relaxing!


How many times have you received a gift that was beautifully wrapped and got so giddy? I know one of my favorite parts about receiving presents is seeing how carefully it’s been wrapped, from the clean creases to the handwritten tag. This is how I pursue my envelopes and addressing. It holds a precious gift, which is the invitation to your special event. My envelopes give you the option to be as simple or extravagant you can be. I offer high-quality envelopes (inner, outer, and RSVP), hand-addressing in a beautiful style (formal or whimsical), custom envelope liners, wax seals for inner envelopes, and custom return address options like gold foil and letterpress. Your guests will be so excited to receive this special item in the mail and be hesitant to tear it apart—but I promise they will want to see what’s inside! This is the first piece in your wedding puzzle that your guests will hold. Make sure it reflects the tone of your wedding!


After you fill out the form, you’ll receive a time to set up a phone call or video chat. This is a great way to get to know each other and discuss your needs. I want to cater to you and make your envelopes something you don’t want to send out because they’re so pretty! This process takes 2-4 weeks, depending on communication and availability.

Banner Photo by Emma Rose Company