Hi, everyone! Today I am going to help you set up your brand new printer with the wireless settings. This is great if you aren’t near your computer or want the cable to be connected all of the time. Plus, downloading one piece of software will give you lots of advance settings! If you don’t have the Pro-100, this should work for most Canon inkjet printers. Let’s get started!

*NOTE: I am using a Mac operating system. These steps may not sync perfectly if you are using Windows, Linux, etc.*

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Watch the video below to get all of the instructions and follow along visually!

1. Plug in your printer.
2. Connect printer to computer with the USB Cable. This is a very important step!
3. Search for the Canon Driver by going to: http://bit.ly/canon100driver
4. Select “Drivers & Downloads”
5. Make sure the operating system is correct. It should detect it automatically.
6. Click “Download” and be patient. This takes several minutes.
7. Go ahead and download the Canon IJ Network Tool. Select “Software” > Canon IJ Network Tool > Download
8. Click on the software after it it finished downloading in the Downloads folder or Downloads bar if you are using Google Chrome.
9. Follow the steps in the setup menu.
10. Download the driver package.
11. Locate the IJ Network Tool in your Applications folder.
*Make sure the USB cable is still connected*
12. Select “Setup” from the drop-down menu in the Canon IJ Network Tool dialogue box.
*Let it do its thaaaanggg*
13. Select the Canon IJ Network Tool option under “Kind”. If you don’t choose this, then you pretty much wasted your time setting it up.
14. Double-check the printer is in your Printers & Scanners settings in the System Preferences.

Now you are able to print wireless! Disconnect the USB cable, and you’re good to go 😀

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Set It Up | Canon Pixma Pro-100