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Welcome back to a new tutorial. I’m going to teach you how to marble paper with just a few supplies that you may have at home. Ways that you can use marbled paper are using it for stationery, digitizing it for a computer or phone background, and making a custom print. The most important item that you need is the marbling kit! It has a few different colors, including black. Now you can use your color theory knowledge and mix your own marbling colors. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please comment if you have any questions or tell me how you would utilize this technique!

• Bath Towel to Lay Out Paper
Paint Palette
Marbling Kit
Cranes Lettra Paper (cotton paper works best and will dry flat)
Large Storage Bin
Cheap Paint Brush
Unscented Lotion

STEP ONE: Lay out a towel for the paper to dry on.
STEP TWO: Fill water in the storage bin about half way.
STEP THREE: Mix the color you want from the marbling kit in your paint palette. To create a lighter color, add water to it.
STEP FOUR: Put a tiny bit of lotion on the tip of your finger and touch the surface of the water. This will help break the surface tension, so the marbling ink won’t diffuse into the water easily. This makes the ink stay where it needs to be until mixed.
STEP FIVE: Grab your paper, and use the bend and roll motion from the video to dip the paper in the water.
STEP SIX: You’re finished! Now the paper is covered in a beautiful marble design.

PRO TIP: If there is a spot the solution didn’t adhere to, place that spot back in the water. It will cover only the spots that have nothing on it.

Watch the video below or click here!


 Photo by  Lauren Wood Photography  Photo by Lauren Wood Photography
 Photo by  M  ichelle Lea Photographie  Photo by Michelle Lea Photographie

Feel free to experiment with the marbling techniques on different mediums! I’ve also done this with my business cards that are all metallic foil. They turned out super unique! Also, don’t forget to join the Facebook group for stationers and calligraphers! I hope to see you over on my Instagram page as well. Have a great week, and talk to you soon.


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How to Marble Paper Tutorial