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I first created my own calligraphy ribbon last year for a styled shoot with Rachel B. Photo. I love creating this for styled shoots because it adds something unique! Ways you can incorporate calligraphy ribbon are wrapping it around a bridal bouquet, styling stationery and other details, and using it for the bride’s hair. It was pretty challenging, but I got the hang of it thanks to a blog post by Silk & Willow. Even though the blog post was awesome, I’m such a visual and kinesthetic learner so it probably took longer to learn this technique. I know a lot of other people learn this way as well, so I decided to create a video to show you exactly how I write calligraphy on ribbon.

Reynolds Freezer Paper
Sakura Pen-Touch Gold Pen
• Wash Cloth
• Bath Towel or Ironing Board
• Water
Silk Ribbon
Steam Iron
• Scissors

STEP ONE: Cut freezer paper into a strip. You can add more depending on the length of the ribbon.
STEP TWO: Spread out your towel on a table or set up your ironing board.
STEP THREE: Lay ribbon face down and put the wax side of the freezer paper facing the ribbon.
STEP FOUR: Iron over the ribbon and freezer paper to adhere the two together.
STEP FIVE: Wet a wash cloth (not too dripping wet) and dampen the area of the ribbon you want to write on.
STEP SIX: Write lightly with the gold pen. This is considered fauxligraphy, so create the basic strokes then go back over the down strokes.
STEP SEVEN: Pull ribbon off of the freezer paper, and that’s it!

PRO TIP: Keep dampening the ribbon before you write on it. This keeps the gold pen from bleeding!

Watch the video below or click here!

 Photo by Rachel B. Photo Photo by Rachel B. Photo

Let me know what you think, and feel free to ask any questions. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group for stationers and calligraphers! This is where I ask people for suggestions. Talk to you soon!


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Calligraphy on Ribbon