Before I show you the product, let’s discuss Teresa Coleman, the owner of Marry Me Wedding Accessories & Gifts, and her why.

Sometimes you meet people who truly love what they do. Teresa’s personal story inspired me completely. Plus, she mentioned Tupelo honey, and we both knew that this connection wasn’t a coincidence. As a former wedding photographer and bridal shop owner, she knows exactly what her clients and other wedding vendors want. She loves spending time with brides because their “excitement for a new beginning full of possibility, and optimistic attitude are contagious and fun.” I definitely know where to send my brides who are interested in beautiful and timeless pieces to use for their weddings or keep as memories! I also believe photographers and wedding planners would love these ring dishes for styling bride’s details or gift to their clients.

I was curious the reason Teresa started Marry Me Wedding Accessories & Gifts. I know you’ll be interested in her why and learn more about her Bride’s Mini Ring Dishes.

Q: What is your WHY?


We believe in love. We believe loving, intimate connections to other human beings not only bring us joy and personal fulfillment, but can also be a path to self-discovery, can create motivation. We also believe long-term commitments actually increase a couple’s life span, and help them heal faster. This is why we have curated a group of unique and exciting wedding accessories and sweet gifts just for brides and their wedding party, friends, family, and future spouse, some you won’t find anywhere else. We hope brides and grooms will spend time with us. We love love stories. Love is a pretty awesome thing to celebrate, and this is a bride’s celebration. It’s the day to announce to the world that she has found her soulmate–the one who is her strength, her motivation, her best friend and–the “greatest fan of her life.”

Q: What is so special about this product?


I love this product for its small size and how easily it fits in your palm, a makeup bag, or backpack for easy travel, especially on your honeymoon. The minimalistic style and gold type is very timeless and very coveted by most brides. I also offer customization with the couple’s initials or a short word for orders of 10 or more dishes. This is a great opportunity to give them as gifts or favors, such as pairing with small candy or a candle wrapped in a pretty bow. This product was specially designed for us, handmade by a ceramic artist (which I love because I have an art degree and like to support artists) and not mass produced. We are hoping to move in that direction, so we can eventually say this about all the products on our site.

WOW… These handmade and customizable ring dishes are perfect for brides, whether they purchase or have some awesome friends to gift them! This classic ring dish is only $11, which makes me want to purchase all designs! To purchase for yourself to style as a photographer or gift to a soon-to-be bride, you can fine them here. Make sure to go to my Instagram to enter for your chance to win one of these dishes. The choice is up to you! Teresa has so many other awesome products, so visit her website and give her some love.

Thank you so much for reading my very first product spotlight! I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me in the comments what kind of products are your favorites. I love anything that I can take awesome photos of, whether it’s food or wedding items!



Bride’s Mini Ring Dish – Marry Me Wedding Accessories & Gifts