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Hi, friend!

I'm so glad to see you here. My name is Sarah, and I'm the sloth-admiring, plant-obsessed, God-loving calligrapher who creates artisanal branding for feminine creatives to attract their ideal client. I'm a firm believer in helping others, sharing information, and getting the job done while having fun. I believe branding should be intentional, unique, and inviting. I can help you achieve this by creating completely custom branding materials with illustrations and beautiful calligraphy.

I'm excited to walk along your journey with you. Consider me your new friend and business cheerleader!


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Your business is ready for a full brand design that attracts your ideal client. You're here because you still haven't found a designer who "gets" you and your vision. The good news is that the search is over. 

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Don't worry about the process because we will work through it together—step-by-step. All you have to do is trust me and express your needs. Experience a fun brand creation experience with a streamlined process, whimsical calligraphy, and detailed illustrations.

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